Priory Ruskin Academy in Grantham criticised over ‘disgusting’ state of minibuses

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A PARENT of a student who attends The Priory Ruskin Academy is appalled at the condition of the minbuses, which are used to transport the children.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, got in touch with the Journal after seeing the photographs, which her child took from the inside of the minibus.

The inside of one of The Priory Ruskin Academy minibuses.

The inside of one of The Priory Ruskin Academy minibuses.

She said: “My son was telling me about the state of their minibus. He was telling me how the seats were destroyed and there were no backing to them. I must admit I thought he was exaggerating and told him to take a picture as I didn’t quite believe him.

“This morning I received two pictures. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Not only is it a disgusting sight, it’s also unsafe. I was amazed that it is even legal to have pupils transported in such filth and unstable seats.”

She said that the headteacher, Clive Shepherd, has made a good impact on the school. She added: “I am sure there are lots of issues the school is trying to sort out but surely safety of students is paramount.”

The school is aware of the condition of the seats.

Mr Shepherd said: “The health and safety of the students is paramount. The minibuses go through rigorous safety tests at a garage in Grantham every 10 weeks. It’s a lot of money to put them right, they are planned to be refurbished in the next six months.”

The academy has three minibuses, which are used by sports teams and outside agencies, and Mr Shepherd said the one photographed is the worst. He said: “I’m not saying that it’s the students or the outside agencies that have caused the damage. It is something we inherited. But we wouldn’t ever compromise the safety of the students for money.”

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