Proud headteacher retires from Barrowby school

Sylvia West, retiring as headteacher of Barrowby School. 534C
Sylvia West, retiring as headteacher of Barrowby School. 534C
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A HEADTEACHER took her last assembly this week after 20 years in the job.

Sylvia West said she was apprehensive about leaving Barrowby Primary School, but she is excited about enjoying her retirement.

She said: “I’m nervous about going but I’m trying to look forward and think of all of the opportunities I will have in the future with a lot more time to spare.

“I’m looking forward to travelling, holidays and having more time for hobbies. I want to do things like go and watch Wimbledon.

“But I will miss all of the people here; the children, the staff and the whole community. It’s been absolutely wonderful.”

Mrs West started teaching 40 years ago and during that time she has worked with children in four different counties across the East Midlands.

She said: “This has been the best job in the world. I knew that 40 years ago when I started in my first classroom and I still feels exactly the same now as I did then. It’s been a journey of love, joy, excitement and fun, oh and a bit of hard work in between!

“We have achieved much together and I am in no doubt that this will continue in the future.”

Mrs West said that during her time at the school she has experienced great support, friendship, loyalty and love.

She said: “I have got the best staff you could possibly have, wonderful parents, the best governors and the best community.We have a really good relationship with the church here, it’s like a family.”

The success of the school and everyone involved with it was realised by education inspectors Ofsted in November 2011 when they visited and graded the school ‘outstanding’.

Mrs West said she is very proud of that achievement. She added: “But, we didn’t need Ofsted to tell us what, we already knew, that this is a very special and distinctive school.”

The support of its vibrant ethos, values, vision and family identity all helped the school, according to Mrs West.

She commented: “This is a very happy and high achieving school where we value every child for themselves and encourage everyone to do their best and to be their best.

“It has been an honour and a joy to be headteacher of Barrowby School for so many years.”