School leaks pupils’ details

Scene Setter : Walton Girls School. 033C
Scene Setter : Walton Girls School. 033C
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A SECURITY lapse at a Grantham school has seen personal details belonging to parents and pupils published online - including children’s names, dates of birth and year forms.

The alarming error was discovered by parent Chris Nadollek, who reported it to staff at Walton Girls’ High School and Sixth Form.

Concerned Mr Nadollek, 39, of Tamar Court in Grantham, came across the data by accident on Tuesday after entering a search for his daughter’s e-mail address into Google.

He said: “It referred me to this portal with details of parents who have registered with Walton Web. It had completely bypassed the security.

“My daughter is only 16 and all her information was made available by doing a simple Google search. I couldn’t believe it.”

Following a phone call to the school office the following morning, the website resource, which allows parents to access information about their children, was taken down.

Walton’s assistant head of ICT Colin Beevers blamed the blunder on a bug in software used by the school.

He said: “What seems to have happened is a glitch within software that allows certain things to register on Google as a search engine. We’ve closed that and closed down our database.

“We think that fewer than 50 parents would have been affected, and at the moment we are investigating what the extent of the breach will be.

“We’re very unhappy it has taken place. It’s one of those things, we were not aware of a problem with the software.”

The Journal contacted two of the parents whose details were entered into the public domain, including home and e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

They played down the data leak, saying the personal information of most people is available in these internet-driven times.

Jay Sadanand, of Wilkinson Road in Foston, said: “Unfortunately, it’s the way of these things. Nowadays, you have to be extra careful when it comes to children, but when you go on a website there is this danger and something can go wrong.

“This is one of the downsides of the internet.

“It teaches us to be a little more careful in future putting these details into any website.”

Lesley McCollin, of Dudley Road in Grantham, said: “I’m not happy that my mobile number was on there, it’s not something you want people to know.

“It’s a shame that it happened but it’s nice to hear the school took it down and acted quickly.”