They talk to the animals!

New animals class at Grantham College. 750B
New animals class at Grantham College. 750B
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RATS, mice and snakes have all taken up residence at Grantham College this week . . . but fortunately they are all invited guests, which live in the brand new small animal centre.

The purpose of the centre is to train students how to look after the animals with the aim of the them becoming anything from pet shop workers to RSPCA officers.

Rebecca Brocklesby, 17, has just started one of the courses. She said: “I decided to do the course because I have always loved animals. It’s great and the best bit is handling the animals.”

Course leader, Ruth Watson, is really impressed with the purpose built facilities at the college.

She said: “It’s really good and there’s a good amount of animals to help train the students to a good standard.”

An open evening is taking place at the college for prospective students and parents on September 26 between 5pm and 8pm.