Tinnino is a future Hollywood director

Vasiliki Ntalampria and Tinnino Mole will run a film school at St Hugh's Academy this summer.
Vasiliki Ntalampria and Tinnino Mole will run a film school at St Hugh's Academy this summer.
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TINNINO Mole is Grantham’s answer to Steven Spielberg - and he is all set to run summer film school classes to share his passion with others.

Tinnino, 14, is a pupil of St Hugh’s Academy, where he will launch the summer film school in August.

It is open to children aged 11 to 13, and will teach film-making, script-writing, photography, and other skills.

The project is entirely youth-led, with adult supervision, and 25 places are available.

Tinnino, of Colne Court, Grantham, has had an avid interest in film-making for several years.

He said: “When I was nine I got my first video camera.

“When I turned 12, I decided to create a Youtube channel. I made really bad videos when I started out, doing a video a day for two months.

“I noticed that my films were getting better and suddenly I was making films that people really enjoyed watching.

“Then about three months ago, I thought ‘why don’t I share these skills?’”

Tinnino got his friend, Vasiliki Ntalampria on board, gained support from the school and began planning out the lessons.

He has received help from the o2 Think Big scheme, plus a special package which arrived for him this week will also come in useful. Opening the package, he came face-to-face with 10 video cameras, five tripods and five lenses.

It was sent by Cisco, makers of the Flip camera, who Tinnino has been in contact with for some time, building up a relationship and asking advice.

He said: “I wasn’t expecting anything from them. When I opened the box, I almost cried.”

As well as the “pure enjoyment” of making films, Tinnino hopes the film school will spread the word and get more people interested in the activity.

He added: “Thirdly, I want to get my name whispered about here and there. I want people who need videos making to think, ‘let’s call this kid, he’s got experience.”

To apply for a place at the film school, visit: http://www.TBWSProductions.co.uk