Titanic adventure is plain sailing for Grantham pupils

Titanic day at Huntingtower school. 936D
Titanic day at Huntingtower school. 936D
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There may be troubled waters ahead, but for the time being these youngsters were filled with the excitement of a transatlantic voyage.

The children from years five and six at Huntingtower Primary School in Grantham imagined themselves on the fateful maiden voyage of the White Star liner Titanic in 1912.

The 100 or so children were captivated by the theme and immersed themselves in role play as they learned about the way people lived in Edwardian times.

The pupils wore costumes made at home as they adopted the characaters of first and third class passengers, and stokers in the boiler room.

The elite ‘passengers’ arrived through the school front gate, met the captain, learned about the correct way to behave, and were even served afternoon tea.

In ‘steerage’, children learned to play cards and dance Irish reels and formed groups from among the many nationalities of emigrants seeking a new life.

The ‘stokers’ discovered what a tough job it was in the boiler room by shovelling real coal, and also acted as waiters and baggage handlers.

Class teacher Gina Bensley said: “The children had an amazing time and were completely inspired. We have just started on this theme and will be looking at what happened to Titanic at Easter.”