‘Under-performing’ West Grantham Academies Trust is given a stark warning

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A Grantham academies trust is one of only seven from across the country to be told it is under-performing and must buck up its ideas.

The West Grantham Academies Trust has received a “pre-warning” letter from the Department for Education, with ministers demanding urgent action to bring about substantial improvements, or they will receive a warning notice. If improvement does not follow after that, further action could be taken.

Secondary schools within the trust are St Hugh’s in Grantham and Charles Read Academy in Corby Glen.

The DfE said eight academies were sent similar letters last year and “largely responded extremely well to the challenge”. It is expected that the West Grantham Academies Trust and others follow suit.

A DfE spokesman said: “The majority of sponsored academies are thriving under great leadership. Their GCSE results are improving at five times the rate of other state-funded schools.

“Sponsored academies took over schools that were consistently under-performing which can take time to reverse.

“But results in a minority of sponsored academies remain stubbornly low. We will not tolerate long-term under-performance in any school – including in an academy.

“As with maintained schools, if these academies do not make the progress we expect, we will take further action. This may result in a change to the sponsorship arrangements.”