Video 1 of 2: Jousting, falconry and more marks Grantham school’s 100th birthday celebrations

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To mark their 100th year, Huntingtower Community Primary School went back even further in history, and treated their students, parents and staff to an unforgettable Knights of Middle England day.

In a perfect demonstration of their slogan that Huntingtower is a school where learning comes to life, the event gave students in Year 1 and 2 the opportunity to present all the hard work they’ve been doing researching the Battle of Hastings.

Jousting tournament.

Jousting tournament.

Each class created their own castles and presented this dressed in medieval finery. While they took on royal roles, the older pupils acted as the peasants and also had the chance to try on armour and ask the knights questions concerning life in Middle England.

Then in memorable assemblies Huntingtower’s youngsters enjoyed the experience of having birds of prey fly right over their heads during falconry displays.