Elderly patient in Grantham Hospital ‘covered in human faeces’ after pipe burst above his bed

Grantham Hospital
Grantham Hospital
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A patient in Grantham Hospital was ‘covered in’ human waste this week when a waste pipe in the ceiling above his bed ruptured.

The man, believed to be elderly, was in his bed in Ward 1 was the incident happened on Tuesday.

A Facebook post on the Fighting 4 Grantham Hospital campaign group page said: “He was asleep and got covered in human faeces – his pyjamas, dressing gown, slippers had to be thrown away and the gentleman was very distressed and in shock.”

The United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, today confirmed the incident took place.

Associate director of estates and facilities Chris Farrah said: “We had a problem with the plumbing in the roof space above Ward 1 at Grantham and District Hospital on Tuesday with a broken waste pipe, resulting in a leak into the bed bay.

“The patient underneath the area was immediately removed and cleaned and given a clean bed on another ward. Only one patient on one bay was affected. The pipe has been repaired and the bay has been deep cleaned and is fully open.

“We have recently invested a significant sum in refurbishing Ward 1 and improving access to the roof space concerned to enable maintenance to be carried out in this area. We are very sorry about this unfortunate incident.”