Elderly woman, 96, left waiting three hours for ambulance on Grantham cafe floor

Free CPR sessions are to be held
Free CPR sessions are to be held
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The elderly lady was at Belton Garden Centre on Sunday afternoon, when she suffered a fall inside the cafe.

Amanda Edwards, 46, from Sileby in Leicestershire, was there.

She said: “My husband and I arrived to find a frail old lady covered with a blanket lying on the wooden café floor, just at the base of a step. We later learnt that she had fallen. The first aid lady never left her side. Everyone was anxiously searching out of the window for the emergency services to appear and were constantly on the phone.”

Amanda was meeting her family for a birthday lunch.

She added:“My husband and I arrived at 1.20pm, the rest of my family arrived at 1.40pm and she was still on the floor. Although we couldn’t help, we couldn’t leave the café until we knew the lady had an ambulance. It was exactly 3.41pm when the first response gentleman arrived and 3.42pm when he sat down and assessed her. At 4.04pm an ambulance arrived. We later learnt that the lady was not classed as a high emergency, and that there were 146 calls besides this incident that were waiting.”

Ambulance operations manager Richard Hunter said: “We are sorry we were unable to get to the patient sooner on this occasion, and we recognise the discomfort that this will have caused.

“Every 999 call is assessed based on the information we are given and while we aim to get to all patients as quickly as possible, those experiencing a life-threatening emergency such as cardiac arrest or breathing difficulties have to be seen first.”