Enterprising couple launch first biltong production centre in Grantham

Rebecca and Gavin Smith and their son Freddie in their new biltong production unit.
Rebecca and Gavin Smith and their son Freddie in their new biltong production unit.
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An enterprising Grantham couple are about to launch a new production unit to create an unusual food delicacy.

Gavin and Rebecca Smith have imported specialist drying equipment from South Africa to create biltong - a form of dried cured meat.

The business is called Biltong Farm and it will be the first time biltong has been produced in Grantham.

The couple are holding a Biltong and Beer launch event at the unit on Friday.

And Biltong Farm will be open for business on Saturday for direct sales to the public.

The couple say they plan to have their first commercially-available healthy meat products available this month.

The goal is to produce individual packets of cider vinegar marinated, cured and seasoned meat for sale in local gyms, delicatessens and hotels and larger catering packs for wholesale to pubs and bars.

The new business has been given a boost after they secured the rights to use the ‘Bully’ logo from the iconic television show Bullseye.

Rebecca said: “We are delighted to get this as it’s a logo that people will remember and trust.”

In the run-up to the launch, Rebecca has been drying meats at home, experimenting with flavours such as chilli and tandoori and sourcing a supplier for large quantities of her preferred silverside and topside of beef.

She said: “Biltong is lightweight and so easy to carry with you, a great post-workout food, to snack on at any time as a healthy option and enjoy with a drink.

“It’s low fat, low sugar and also a good source of vital minerals like zinc, iron and magnesium with vitamin B-12 too.

“We also want to keep our products as natural as possible.

“Traditional supermarket products are highly dried with a long shelf life so tend to be really chewy.

“Ours is a fresher product with more moisture, admittedly with a shorter shelf life, but much nicer to eat.”

The idea for the new venture came after the couple moved to Grantham from London as a better place to bring up their young son Freddie and decided they wanted to set up a new business separate to Rebecca’s role as a financial controller and Gavin’s work in IT.

They have been helped by South Kesteven District Council’s economic development business support team on branding, and market testing.

The council’s environmental health specialists are also advising on the district’s first biltong production.