Council says South Kesteven householders can no longer recycle clothes in silver bins

South Kesteven District Council.
South Kesteven District Council.
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People in the district are being urged to recycle their unwanted clothes or shoes at charity shops or at recycling points and not in their silver bins or clear bags at home.

Previously households in South kesteven were allowed to dispose of textiles in their recycling bins or bags.

However, recycling contractors have now informed SKDC these items, when mixed with other recyclable materials and sorted at the processing plant, are no longer in a suitable state to recycle.

Therefore, residents are asked to dispose of these items at local charity shops and dedicated textiles recycling points, such as household waste and recycling centres in Grantham and Bourne or they can be deposited at home in black bins or pink bags.

SKDC’s Executive Manager for Environment Ian Yates said: “We thank the thousands of residents who in recent years have diligently recycled clothes and shoes and helped us maintain our good recycle rates.

“Now, however, we ask householders to take clothes and shoes to charitable retail outlets or use the recycling points at household waste and recycling sites.

“Doing so will help us continue to recycle these items and keep South Kesteven clean and green.”