Fine dished out for dropping cigarette end in Grantham street

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A member of the public has been given an on the spot fine of £75 for dropping a cigarette end in a Grantham street.

It was served on High Street on Tuesday.

South Kesteven District Council is reminding residents and visitors alike of their responsibilities to not drop litter, including cigarette ends, on the street – or face the fine.

Portfolio holder for healthy environment Councillor John Smith said: ”We thank those residents who always responsibly dispose of their litter.

“If you smoke please remember cigarette stubs are not biodegradable so need to be disposed of appropriately. The accumulation of ends is among our key problems of litter in public areas.

“Our teams monitor and patrol public areas across the district and educate residents and visitors on the problems litter creates. This is the warning though to those who flout the rules that sometimes enforcement is the only option.

“Every item that is discarded deliberately is another blight on the streets of our towns and villages so help us to make South Kesteven clean, green and healthy by not dropping litter.”

Dropping litter in a public place in the district contravenes section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.