Grantham Clean and Green: Avoid blocking pavements with your wheelie bins

Grantham Clean and Green.
Grantham Clean and Green.
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The Grantham Clean and Green campaign continues with a plea to residents to avoid obstructing pavements with wheelie bins.

The campaign, a joint initiative by South Kesteven District Council and the Journal, is encouraging residents to remove refuse bins from outside their homes after collection to avoid obstructing pavements in the district. It is also asking residents to not block paths and to remove bins off the street as soon as possible after they have been collected to avoid posing dangers for pedestrians and those with pushchairs or wheelchairs.

The council is also reminding its streetcare services teams to return bins where they do not block pavements once emptied.

SKDC has received reports from members of the public being put at risk having to walk in, or use the highway on residential streets as the pavement is obstructed by bins. Parents with pushchairs and disabled vehicle users have similar difficulties on some streets, struggling to pass blocked pathways.

Some households in the district have bins that are kept permanently outside homes because there is no storage space for them elsewhere at the property. Where there is the option to store them off street, SKDC is encouraging residents to return them to these areas as soon as possible after collection takes place. This also helps make homes and streets look as tidy as possible.

Executive manager for environment Ian Yates said: “On some of the narrow streets in our district we appreciate the situation can be difficult and we thank the vast majority of residents who always responsibly remove bins promptly after collection.

“Our streetcare services are aware of the need to place bins back correctly where they do not create obstacles.

“We are reminding householders to please help us remove them back off the street where possible so fellow residents can pass on pavements safely.

“Just taking a few extra seconds a week to collect your bin off the pavement after collection can help make your street a safer place.”

The council is also requesting householders to place bin handles facing out for all black, silver and green bin collections.

This helps waste and recycling operatives complete bin collections more promptly and causes less delays on roads when refuse lorries are in operation.