Grantham Clean and Green: Avoid filling public litter bins with household and commercial waste

Grantham Clean and Green. EMN-150902-144930001
Grantham Clean and Green. EMN-150902-144930001
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South Kesteven District Council is asking business owners and residents to avoid using the district’s public litter bins to dispose of commercial or household waste.

Bins continue to be used at times by businesses and residents to dispose of excess items leaving them full or with little capacity.

In some cases this can lead to overflowing bins and waste left at the side of litter bins making streets and neighbourhoods a temporary eyesore and potentially hazardous with rubbish items littering areas.

Businesses using the district’s public litter bins could face prosecution for not abiding by requirements to have a trade waste agreement for the collection of their waste. SKDC actively works with traders to ensure they understand their responsibilities and have the appropriate arrangements in place.

The council otherwise advises residents to use the household waste and recycling centres in Grantham for high levels of waste or its affordable bulk item collection service.

Residents should visit for a full breakdown of what can be recycled in silver bins and clear bags or non-recyclable items in black bins or pink bags.

SKDC’s executive manager for environment Ian Yates said: “Filling public bins with excess household or business waste items can increase problems in keeping our streets and open spaces clean and tidy.

“We ask businesses and residents to dispose of items in a responsible fashion and in line with their legal responsibilities.

“Where we find repeat offenders we will prosecute but we want to work with individuals and businesses to find solutions, whether it is requesting additional bins, more frequent collections, or increasing the amount they recycle.”

Residents wishing to use the bulk item collection service should call 01476 406080 or email