Grantham Clean and Green: Leave only the correct items in your summer recycling

Grantham Clean and Green.
Grantham Clean and Green.
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South Kesteven District Council is asking householders to take extra time to recycle only the correct items during the summer holidays.

Residents help the council do a good job in recycling nearly half of all waste in silver bins and clear bags. Ensuring recycling is kept free of items that should be in black bins, pink bags or be taken to the Household Waste and Recycling Centre in Mowbeck Way is key to helping create a more sustainable environment for everyone in the district.

Therefore as the summer holidays approach residents should remind themselves of what they can recycle by visiting

They can also ensure they have greener barbecues by remembering much of the waste produced can be recycled – including all paper, card and cardboard, glass bottles and jars, cans, tins, empty plastic bottles, pots tubs, trays and cartons.

For picnics it also advised to use reusable crockery rather than disposable knives and forks and paper plates where possible and buy loose fruit and vegetables rather than food in disposable packaging.

Bins and bags need to be placed at the edge of properties or collection points by 7.30am on the day of collection but at the earliest the night before, particularly if it is bagged waste.

Equally, residents may become accustomed to a common time waste crews arrive to make collections but road closures or diversions can mean they can be earlier than expected so it is safer to meet the 7.30am deadline.

SKDC’s portfolio holder for healthy environment Councillor Nick Craft said: “We’d like residents to help us increase the numbers of correct items we put in silver bins or clear bags during the summer holidays.

“Summer events see us eat and drink more if the weather is favourable so it’s important we recycle carefully at this time of year to ensure the right items go in the right bins or bags. If you’re unsure which bin or bag a waste item goes in, check the recycling list on the website.”