Grantham Clean and Green: Place only the correct items in your garden waste bin

Grantham Clean and Green.
Grantham Clean and Green.
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New and existing customers of SKDC’s garden waste collection service are being advised to ensure they place the correct items in their green bins.

Residents can renew or register for the service and find additional information on the service’s frequently asked questions page at

They can even grab a discount if paying by direct debit.

When doing so, why not check the latest items that can be placed in garden waste green bins?

Flowers, plants, leaves, bark, hedge trimmings, grass cuttings, weeds, twigs and small branches can all be deposited.

However, residents should not place soil and compost, egg shells, fruit and vegetables, sawdust, stones or rubble, animal waste or bedding, tea bags, carrier bags, paper, cardboard or plant pots in their green bins.

Food and animal waste cannot be processed by the council’s compositing contractors due to health issues and this means they cannot be collected.

Soil and rubble from garden clearances should also not be placed in green bins. Instead these should be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Grantham or Bourne or a reputable skip hire firm should be employed to remove these items.

SKDC’s executive manager for environment Ian Yates said: “Please ensure if you have renewed or joined the service this year that you take the time to learn what you can and cannot put in your green bin. If you’re ever unsure simply visit the website to check.”