Grantham Journal letter: I agree with Nick Boles MP

Nick Boles MP
Nick Boles MP
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Nick Boles hit the mark by articulating a clear and powerful position regarding solar developments in last week’s Journal.

Our area is considered fertile ground for such industrial sites as is evident from the applications made to SKDC over the last few months. These developments would remove good productive farmland and destroy the rolling nature of much of the countryside surrounding Grantham.

These developments are a result of a money making subsidy grab from both speculative so-called energy companies and farmers who would obviously prefer to do anything other than farm. The Government should be congratulated for seeking to end the subsidies which have encouraged these applications. As our MP says, we need to promote solar units placed on brown field sites and rooftops and not desecrate our countryside enjoyed by so many, both visually and for recreation.

Mr Boles should be congratulated on once again giving voice to the concerns of his constituents and taking such a strong stance on this important local and indeed national issue.

SKDC resident

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