Grantham Journal letter: Support for the paddock campaign

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Can anyone enlighten us residents to why the management of the Crown Estates forbids bona fide organisations to conduct any kind of archaeological excavations either within Bingham or within a mile radius of the town?

Warner’s Paddock is back in the news, as during June delegates from the Crown Estates are scheduled to convene with town councillors to discuss developing the paddock with one enormous commercial complex or a cluster of executive dwellings incorporating a public recreation area.

The tremendous campaign has been launched by dedicated individuals taking petitions door to door for resident signatures to support saving the paddock in its naturalness that currently sustains a 
myriad of different wildlife species.

A smattering of locals lobbied the town’s MP Robert Jenrick, for him to influence the Crown Estates into converting the paddock into a park for folk to amble about in.

Before making a binding irreversible decision on the paddock’s future, an exploratory archaeological excavation might unearth historical artefacts relating to how human beings lived thousands of yesteryears ago.

It is widely believed Warner’s Paddock was the former Saxondale (meaning Saxon settlement) Saxondale was probably established where it is today, because of a plague prompting the survivors to burn the early village down and move away from the demon plague. Some favour the theory Warner’s Paddock was part of a Bronze Age conurbation? It will be impossible to confirm anything factual without comprehensive archaeological examination.

Hopefully the Crown will acquiesce and let research begin as the community would benefit from the wealth of history concealed in Warner’s Paddock.

Nigel J Starbuck