Grantham Journal letters: Why can’t we get a grip on services?

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Having visited both the North Hykeham and Mountain’s facilities at Caythorpe, I am surprised that we are going backwards with our waste disposal.

Comparing our 50 per cent record with Germany’s alleged 98 per cent it seems there is along way to go but why are we so far behind?

At North Hykeham we were told that they can burn virtually any refuse to produce electricity and heat, so why are not more sites doing so? At Caythorpe we were given much the same story. What is Germany doing that we are not but should be? Why the reluctance to get a grip of our waste disposal?

Compare this with the ridiculous importation to Drax power station from 3,000 miles away, of less efficient wood chips and there is another example of very muddled politically correct thinking, and I have not even started on our nuclear power industry!

Is it so surprising when so many of our other public services are so abysmal, a prime example being our highways? Potholes are usually so poorly repaired that they need redoing within months. Where has the £2million recently given to Lincolnshire been spent?

It was an EU directive that forced us to accept 42 tonne lorries on our roads with the result that is all too obvious.

Councillor Davies, boss of Lincolnshire Highways, repeatedly tells us they have no money and yet was recently reported in your Journal that he is planning to spend £5 million on an unnecessary roundabout connecting the A1 with the A52.

Can his department really be taken seriously?

I am still awaiting replacement of the ‘Keep Left’ sign at the bottom of Gonerby Hill that was destroyed months ago.

An FOI reuest to ascertain the cost of the “repair” of the appalling road between the A1 and Allington resulted in the reply: “Works such as those described in your request form part of a wider contract that is paid annually with additional costs for materials and the like being recorded separately once invoices have been sent in from suppliers. The council does not record the individual price per job and as such it is not possible to supply this information.”

This is a ridiculous reply and shows that the Highways department is not fit for purpose. Are there no records kept of hours worked nor materials supplied for each individual operation?

Fly-tipping has become prevalent because the EU told us that we had to reduce our landfill which has been enforced by greatly increasing fees with the result that fly tipping is now a national

Local authorities and politicians are very good at dreaming up excuses and taking their overblown salaries and pensions, but not very good at actually getting the job done.

W. Banks

Berts Way,