‘Grantham path is a mess and a danger to Thames Road residents’

The path between houses in Thames Road, Grantham.
The path between houses in Thames Road, Grantham.
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A resident of Thames Road is calling on the district council to cut away overgrowing bushes and repair broken tarmac which she says is a danger to pedestrians.

Stella Clare, 83, who has lived in the street for 48 years, says she reported the state of the path a year ago and most recently went into the offices of South Kesteven District Council last week.

Mrs Clare said: “There are bushes hanging from one side to the other. I have to bend down every time I walk down the path. There is rubbish either side of the path with bottles, plastic bags and takeaway boxes. I would clear it myself but I am 83.

“There are cracks in the path as well. The lady next door to me is registered blind and she could easily trip over.”

Mrs Clare said the situation was made worse by a broken street light which meant the path was in darkness at night.

An SKDC spokesman said: “We are set to contact residents responsible for overgrowth from trees in their gardens to assess if they can be maintained to not block part of the pathway’s access.

“Our repairs team are also scheduled to inspect the path to see any if remedial works are required.”