Grantham recycling firm Environcom investigated for “planning breaches”

Sean Feeney, CEO of Environcom. Photo: 0235A EMN-140722-090331001
Sean Feeney, CEO of Environcom. Photo: 0235A EMN-140722-090331001
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Recycling company Environcom is facing an investigation by the county council over a number of alleged planning breaches.

Lincolnshire County Council has confirmed it is investigating the Spittlegate Level company. It says it is looking into five breaches regarding water drainage, signage, working out of hours, a travel plan and storage of waste materials.

A council spokesman said: “We have recently received a complaint regarding noise levels at Environcom, especially between the hours of 11pm to 7am. After investigating this complaint it was found that Environcom were operating a forklift truck in the rear (north) yard in the early hours of the morning which is a breach of conditions.

Since having a fire earlier this year, Environcom have not yet repaired the damage to the building and this has also led them to be in breach of condition 4 which requires that all four doors on the north side of the building are to be kept closed between the hours 11pm and 7am. The fire damage has resulted in the loss of one of the doors, as well as substantial damage to the north face of the building, resulting in increased noise being emitted from the building. We have also contacted SKDC Environmental Health regarding the noise levels and they are undertaking their own investigation into the matter.”

County councillor for Grantham South Charmain Morgan says she is concerned for residents of nearby Cheveley Park.

She said: “I am very concerned about the impact this has on people living nearby, especially where noise is an issue. They are on a neighbouring site and particularly vulnerable due to the nature of their static caravan homes which provide less noise insulation than a permanent building might. Whilst Environcom is an important local employer they should show more respect for the local community and recognise the impact their activities have, as other local businesses do.”

Sean Feeney, chief executive officer of Environcom, said: “We are in discussion with the council regarding a number of new guidelines that have come in since our original development.

“We look forward to resolving these issues and finalise the updates to the site. Business continues to grow and we are always interested in hearing from local people who are interested in a contacting us about jobs.”