Neighbour calls for action to tackle infamous Grantham ‘grot spot’

Grantley Street grot spot. Photo: Hayley Winfield
Grantley Street grot spot. Photo: Hayley Winfield
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This photo of rubbish on the infamous ‘grot spot’ corner of Grantley Street and Railway Terrace was posted on the Journal’s Facebook page by Hayley Winfield.

She wrote: “As a home owner on Grantley street, it sickens me to see this sight on a daily basis. I have lived here for the last eight years and the area is getting worse year after year. I feel the council could do more to improve the constant fly-tipping which takes place. Does the council really want this to be the first sight in which visitors see when they cut through from the train station to walk to our historic town? I myself am embarrassed to admit I live here. Since the Journal covered this story a while back nothing has changed!”
Several comments followed. Claire Frankish wrote: “Not the council’s fault, it’s the scum bags that have no respect for the area that they live in.”
Bec Lee wrote: “I lived there 11/12 years ago and it was like that then as well. Environmental health/waste management team should go through any fly-tipping rubbish to retrieve evidence and take the dirty little hamsters to court.”

South Kesteven District Council’s waste and recycling service manager Keith Rowe responded to Mrs Winfield’s concerns, saying: “We are working with residents in the area to educate them on when bin collections take place to ensure waste is only left in bins and bags at the correct times.

“Unfortunately fly-tipping or mis-presenting the waste in advance of the collection day in the area is common, but our environmental health team is addressing this issue and where appropriate will consider enforcement when evidence is found that links individuals to dumped waste.”