‘No more trees to be chopped’ developer warned

Trees being cut down near Longcliffe Road.
Trees being cut down near Longcliffe Road.
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A preservation order has been slapped on the remaining trees on a site where a developer wants to build 550 homes.

Larkfleet Homes had at least three trees chopped down in a field at the end of Longcliffe Road last week causing uproar amongst residents.

Traffic entering town on Manthorpe Road on Monday, November 3, at 8.38am.

Traffic entering town on Manthorpe Road on Monday, November 3, at 8.38am.

The developer was accused of being “sneaky” and “presumptuous” of getting planning permission for hundreds of homes on the site.

Workmen cut down the trees using chainsaws and a JCB digger. Larkfleet told the Journal that the trees were cut down because it had been advised that they were in a bad state and were a health and safety risk.

This week SKDC’s Executive Manager for Growth and Development, Paul Thomas, said: “A number of trees were felled and no consent was required from SKDC as they were not protected by a Tree Preservation Order or in a Conservation Area.

“However, following a number of calls from concerned residents, a visit to the site was conducted and the council have now placed a tree preservation order on the remaining trees as they were deemed to be at risk.”

Ward councillor Ray Wootten approached the council after a number of residents contacted him about the felled trees. He told the Journal he was pleased that the council had taken action.

Meanwhile, a resident of the Manthorpe estate has contacted the Journal to highlight what she sees as a major potential traffic problem if Larkfleet were allowed to build 500 homes on the site.

The resident, who does not wish to be named, has supplied the Journal with pictures of peak time traffic in the morning on Manthorpe Road.

She says: “It doesn’t make much difference from which direction you approach Grantham – it is a town in gridlock on a routine daily basis. The only two scenarios which change this are during school holidays when the weight of the traffic is vastly reduced and when the A1 is blocked, causing all of Grantham to face total gridlock, until the A1 reopens.

“This is not a time for defeatism or apathy. Unless we stand united and fight for our right to have our views fairly considered then the inevitable will surely happen – should they (Larkfleet) get outline planning permissionfor the intital 550 homes then that will pave the way for further applications.”