Questions asked over air quality in Grantham

Traffic pic at Wharf Road, London Road junction. 994C
Traffic pic at Wharf Road, London Road junction. 994C
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More than 600 households and businesses in Grantham are being asked for their views on air quality in the town.

A questionnaire has been sent out to the addresses by South Kesteven District Council because under law it is bound to undertake a review and make an assessment of air quality in the area.

The council has identified a number of roads in the town where levels of nitrogen dioxide exceed acceptable levels and have designated this area as an ‘Air Quality Management Area’.

Peter Rogers, the council’s Environment Protection Team leader, told residents and businesses: “Monitoring has been undertaken over many months and reports from specialist air quality consultants have concluded that the area in which you live and work should be declared an Air Quality Management Area. The main source of these emissions is vehicle traffic.”

Mr Rogers added: “We have previously written to the occupiers of Wharf Road and Brook Street/Manthorpe Road because these areas have already been identified as Air Quality Management Areas. But in order to tackle air quality issues that affect all the areas above, including where you live or work, we believe it is better to consolidate these individual areas into one larger area.”

The questionnaire asks recipients to choose three measures from a list of 15 which they think will improve air quality and reduce road traffic pollution.

Deadline for the return of questionnaires is March 12. The council said yesterday there had been 90 replies so far. It said the data would be collated after the deadline and the results would be 
made available at the end of March.

Reports on nitrogen dioxide levels are available on the district council’s website at