Six more shopping trolleys dumped in river in one week

Rebecca and Harry Scott have been trolley spotting at the River Witham.
Rebecca and Harry Scott have been trolley spotting at the River Witham.
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A MUM walking her baby boy along the River Witham spotted six supermarket trolleys dumped in the water - just one week after volunteers cleaned the same stretch.

Rebecca Scott, 19, of River View Maltings, Grantham, was walking along the stretch of river from Bridge End Road to St Catherine’s Road and spotted six ditched shopping trolleys.

She contacted the Journal after reading last week’s story on Grantham Rivercare and is 18 volunteers dredging seven trolleys from the same stretch of the river.

Rebecca said: “Usually I walk along with Harry counting the ducks but this time I saw more trolleys than ducks.

“I think it’s a real shame. All those volunteers spend their spare time cleaning the river for free and then people come along and act like this.

“It’s pathetic.”

Rebecca feels supermarkets should take some of the responsibility for their trolleys ending up in the river and believes more can be done to stop the problem.

She said: “If the supermarkets made people put a pound in the trolleys then more people would bother to take them back.

“In Ireland I know they have some trolleys which have alarms fitted which go off if you take them a certain distance away from the supermarket.”

John Knowles of Grantham Rivercare has called on supermarkets to take more responsibility for the problem.

He has already been contacted but he manager of Sainsburys who has pledged to do more to tackle the problem - starting by sending staff to retrieve the trolleys from the river.

John said: “I think the time has come for the supermarkets to accept more responsibility and do more about it.

“We have this lovely stretch of river and it’s a shame people have to go and spoil it.”

John has had less success with Asda. This week he received a letter saying staff from the store could not collect the trolleys because of health and safety.

John said: “We aren’t asking them to go into the river or anything. We can do that, they just need to take them away.

“It’s pathetic but hopefully we can shame them into doing something.”

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