Smoker fined £75 by South Kesteven District Council for dropping cigarette end

Smoker law changes. Photo:Owen Humphreys/PA Wire
Smoker law changes. Photo:Owen Humphreys/PA Wire
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A member of the public has been given an on the spot fine of £75 for dropping a cigarette end on a South Kesteven street.

It was served on South Street in Bourne on September 3. The authority is reminding residents and visitors alike of their responsibilities to not drop litter, that includes used cigarette ends, on the street – or face the fine.

SKDC’s executive manager for environment Ian Yates said: “If you smoke please remember cigarette stubs are not biodegradable so need to be disposed of appropriately. Remember if you drop an item, we all have to pay for someone else to pick it up.

“The vast majority of smokers always dispose of the cigarette ends correctly, stubbing them out and placing in our bins. Our teams monitor and patrol public areas across the district and educate residents and visitors on the problems litter creates.

“This fine is the warning though to those who flout the rules that sometimes enforcement is the only option.”