Villagers plant more than 100 trees in Barrowby for Woodland Trust project

Young William Lindley helps plant a tree in Barrowby with Brian Inglis.
Young William Lindley helps plant a tree in Barrowby with Brian Inglis.
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Villagers young and old took part in a tree planting event on the edge of the sports field in Barrowby on Saturday.

They planted over 100 trees as part of the Woodland Trust’s Jubilee Woods Community Tree Project. Donations in aid of the village newsletter were made by those who took part and they were given a documented and numbered tree for posterity.

A group of volunteers from the Barrowby News monthly newsletter organised the day with the donations going to support printing and distribution. More trees will be planted by pupils of Barrowby School - a variety of birch, cherry, hazel, rowan, hawthorn and dogwood trees plus one oak tree.

Brian Inglis, chairman of the Barrowby News, said: “This selection of trees will provide cover around the Low Field in the village and give wildlife further areas to inhabit. The Parish Council Pavilion Committee who oversee the maintenance of the Low Fields are most supportive of the Tree Project and all involved wish to thank the Woodland Trust for supplying the trees for the village, one of 1,200 groups throughout the UK who are in receipt of a tree pack this autumn.”

Mr Inglis added: “Since our planting session, villagers have donated for a total of over 120 trees for family, friends, loved ones and the youngest person, a grandchild who was born on Saturday, now has a tree planted for him.”

The Jubilee Woods Project is a bid by the Woodland Trust to get people all over the country to plant six million trees as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.