Failing vision will not stop village artist

Brian Widdowson will not allow his eye disease to prevent him from painting.
Brian Widdowson will not allow his eye disease to prevent him from painting.
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A DISEASE affecting vision has cost Brian Widdowson much of what many of us would take for granted.

Ever since being diagnosed with Macular Disease Mr Widdowson, of Main Road, Long Bennington, is no longer able to drive, has been unable to read books and even finds crossing the road a difficult and time-consuming task.

However, against the odds, he has refused to allow the condition, which severly affects the centre of one’s field of vision, to hinder his love of painting.

Mr Widdowson said: “To be honest I really don’t know how I still paint but I do.

“When only one eye was working I did imagine I was going to have to give up painting which would have been a bit of a blow. Fortunately, that’s not the case.”

His problems began with a routine eye examination which revelaed an abnormality in his left eye. Over time both eyes ceteriorated and he was registered partially sighted last year.

The disease has meant Mr Widdowson, 72, has had to make numerous alterations to his painting techiques, while binoculars and powerful magnifying glasses have become important tools.

He said: “Since being affected by Macular Disease painting has been quite difficult. I certainly couldn’t continue in the way that I used to be able to.

“When your sight is fine, you see every blade of grass and it can be difficult to make your mind up about what to leave in because you obviously can’t do everything.

“With Macular Disease that process is kind of done for you, so in a weird way that can actually help.”