Fallen willow tree smashes greenhouse and fence in Grantham street

Fallen tree in Third Avenue, Grantham
Fallen tree in Third Avenue, Grantham
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A falling 30ft willow tree gave neighbours in a quiet Grantham street quite a shock.

The mature tree demolished a greenhouse and fence, but fortunately no one was injured nor buildings damaged.

The tree belongs to David Feld, who was working in the study of his Third Avenue home when the tree went down – “just like the sound a tree makes in the movies!”.

He told the Journal: “The larger part fell over my back garden, demolishing my greenhouse completely – there was glass everywhere – and also across next-door’s fence, demolishing a panel or two of that, too, and into their garden.

“A smaller part fell outside of my back wall and into the garage apron. Someone called the police, who came and cordoned that area off.”

It is believed the damage to the tree was caused by a dry spell, followed by heavy rain which caused waterlogging and one of the two main trunks to split.

David added: “I’m told that the pollarded parts will grow back very quickly, so it will look more like a willow again before the end of the year.”