Falling masonry hits a car full of children

Liz and the children had a lucky escape.
Liz and the children had a lucky escape.
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A CHILDMINDER driving three young children had a lucky escape when debris fell from Barrowby Road bridge and smashed her windscreen.

Liz Curtis, 46, of Great Gonerby, had three children aged under four in the car when the incident happened at around 1pm on Tuesday.

Liz said: “It came as a bit of a shock. It’s a worry because it could cause a serious accident but luckily we were all fine.”

A similar incident happened at the same bridge in May.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “While the full report has not yet been received, we have no indication of any cause for concern with the structure.

“There was an instance at the same bridge on May 23 which was caused by a retaining plate on the structure moving, allowing ballast to get through onto the road below.

“Substantial work has been done to secure this plate in place and prevent any ballast getting through again.”

Liz said: “I hope it serves as a warning for people to be as vigilant as they can but there is not much you can do about it.”