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Far too long to resurface junction

I remember, many years ago, watching an ‘Horizon’-style TV documentary on the re-surfacing of a runway at (I think) Heathrow airport. Both current runways are well over a mile long, yet the workforce, of necessity, planed the runway concerned and re-surfaced it OVERNIGHT!

I mention this by way of the fact that (as most Grantham inhabitants have been aware), the main, central Grantham road junction has just been treated. However, it took that workforce FIVE working days to re-surface a length of road which is less than a quarter of a mile - an eighth of the distance - while causing complete chaos in the town for that time. Why did it take so long?

All right, so there are traffic lights and other street paraphernalia, but these obstructions are pretty minor. On the other hand, you would have thought that, if they were going to take so long over the job, they could have been a LITTLE more thoughtful.

At the corner of Cambridge Street, they left a poor joint with the existing road. Secondly, was it beyond the wit of man to extend the new white-lining so as to replace contiguous but near-invisible white lines on London Road? As it is, many drivers don’t appear to know that there are two lanes northbound and straddle them.

Just asking, really, and not expecting anyone at whichever council (SKDC, LCC) is responsible to read this letter, let alone respond to it. Oh, and let’s make a note of the date - and see how long it is before one of the utilities companies comes and digs the road up again!

David Feld

Third Avenue


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