Fate brought couple together 54 years ago

Golden wedding of Brian and Christine Grantham. 207C
Golden wedding of Brian and Christine Grantham. 207C
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A PRETTY girl asked Bryan Grantham to dance in 1958 and he has never looked back - tomorrow they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Bryan, who was having dance lessons, had never been to the Leicester club on a Wednesday and neither had his future wife Christine.

She said: “It was definitely fate. He was a nice tall man and I must’ve liked what I saw.”

After their first dance the couple tried to find a seat together but without success.

Bryan said: “I said she could sit on my lap and to my astonishment she did. We’ve been together ever since.

“I still can’t dance.”

Four years later the couple married at a Methodist chapel in Leicester. They spent their honeymoon in London before setting up home in Coventry.

Bryan said: “I was lucky to meet the right girl.”

A year later their first child, Louise, was born, followed by Hazel and Andrew. They plan to celebrate their anniversary with them and their five grandchildren in Yorkshire.

In 1999 the couple moved to Willoughby Close, Corby Glen, where they enjoyed getting involved in the church, chapel and Horticultural Society.

Christine added: “We were glad to come here, people are good to us.”