Fewer homes planned but still more traffic feared at Manthorpe

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Following a public consultation presenting plans to build 550 houses off Longcliffe Road at Manthorpe, nearby residents have expressed their opposition.

Developer Larkfleet Homes presented their plans to the public at ChristChurch in Finkin Street last Thursday, giving details of the proposed houses as well as an accompanying neighbourhood centre, convenience store and primary school with playing fields.

Other amenities planned at the site are three smaller shops, play areas, allotments and connections to existing footpaths and the cycle network.

It follows Larkfleet’s application in 2010 to build 1,000 homes on the site, along with a hotel and pub, which was refused.

However reducing the scale of the development has not removed surrounding residents’ concerns over increased traffic.

Writing to the Journal, Pamela McAllister of Borrowdale Way said: “Five hundred houses means an additional 500-1000 cars trying to gain access to Longcliffe Road and then to Manthorpe Road, creating further gridlock at peak times and misery for the local and wider community.

“This does not just impact residents of the estate, but on all those trying to access or leave Grantham by the A607. Indeed, it will certainly create wider traffic chaos in the town, impacting on both local people and businesses.”

A resident of Longcliffe Road also wrote in stating: “Larkfleet Ltd have once again resurrected their ill conceived proposals.”

Among those who attended the consultation exhibiting the plans was ward councillor for St Wulfram’s Ray Wootten, who said he spoke to many of the residents and only met one person who was in favour of the proposals.

Coun Wootten said: “Larkfleet Homes’ proposals to build 550 homes will make the Manthorpe Estate one giant cul de sac, which will ultimately lead to horrendous traffic problems. Should Larkfleet Homes submit a planning application and, if the local residents wish me to represent them to oppose the plans, then I would be more than happy to do so.”