Find out what Lincolnshire’s Road Policing Unit is up to on Twitter

This photo was tweeted by @LincsRPU
This photo was tweeted by @LincsRPU
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A police Twitter account, which allows people to see what the road policing unit officers do everyday, got more than 600 followers in a week.

Pc Lancaster and Pc Bateman decided to set up the account @LincsRPU to raise awareness of the unit’s activities.

Pc Lancaster said: “We’ve got pride in the job and we want people to know what we are up to.

“It’s all been really positive, you can tell by the number of followers that it’s good. In a way I’m quite shocked we’ve got 600 followers in a week. It shows that people are interested, they do want to know what we do.”

The officers say the perception of their job is that they just deal with speeders but this is not the case.

They are called to all serious and fatal road accidents, they react to automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) checks, target travelling criminals, attend burglaries, patrol the town centre at weekends and much more.

He said: “We are the Jack of all trades. All of us have been police officers in the town. We go to anything and everything. We’re not just driving around in a fast car doing nothing.”

And during their time on the road travelling all around the county they see some appalling driving.

Pc Lancaster said: “We do get shocked by what people do but we see it most days, you kind of get used to it, which is a shame.”

Just this week the officers were doing high visibility speed checks in Brant Broughton.

He said: “A van driver passed me, took his hands off the wheel and picked up a mobile phone.”

And it seems people on Twitter are very intrigued by what the officers see as they are rapidly following the Tweets, which explain the officers’ activities but do not give away exactly what they are doing.

Pc Bateman said: “We are not tweeting on everything. Just things that people might learn from and might improve the perception of traffic, to make people feel safer.”

Pc Lancaster added: “We have to be quite careful. We don’t want to give away the element of surprise.”

Currently the officers are focusing on the Fatal Four campaign, which targets drivers using mobile phones, speeding and not wearing seatbelts, plus drink-drivers.

Pc Lancaster said: “They are picked because quite often they are the reasons why people die on the county roads.”

But the job is not all about giving fines - the officers also help to educate people about what is wrong with their driving.

To find out what the officers are up to, follow @LincsRPU on Twitter.

Some of the Tweets sent recently include:

@LincsRPU I’m amazed to see a driver on the A1 having a shave with an electric razor. Both hands off the steering wheel at 60+mph #thinkroadsafety

@LincsRPU Driver stopped & reported Harlaxton Rd #Grantham. Using a mobile phone whilst driving.

@LincsRPU Just assisted a lone response officer who was struggling with a wanted male

@LincsRPU Whilst dealing with other people we keep seeing cars with headlights out, when did you last check yours? #WinterSafetyCheck #jb

@LincsRPU That time of day again! Who will take you home tonight? #dontdrinkdrive

@LincsRPU Have a look at the tyre pressures. When did you last check all of these? Basic checks could save you money, your licence or may be your life.