Fire crew commended for saving lives in blaze at Grantham home

Blue Watch, from Grantham Fire Station, receives a commendation.
Blue Watch, from Grantham Fire Station, receives a commendation.
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A crew based at Grantham Fire Station has been officially commended by Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue for rescuing three people from a house fire in March under unusual circumstances.

Crew manager Pete Scarlett, deputy crew manager Jim Curry and firefighters Pete Lake, Pat Sheehy and Shaun Cramer were all recognised for their actions on Wednesday, March 20.

The crew was on its way back to the fire station after carrying out community fire safety duties when they noticed a large amount of smoke coming from a property in Stamford Street.

They saw a young man leaning out of the window, consumed by smoke and unable to get out of the burning house.

Not dressed in firefighting kit, the five firefighters extended a triple extension ladder and rescued him, saving his life.

Another male, who had been standing at the front door, ran back into the property as he believed there was a young girl inside.

It was then that two crew members entered the house and were able to rescue both the man and girl. The remaining crew members, now dressed in fire kit, fought through the smoke to the first floor where they quickly located and extinguished the fire.

Dave Ramscar, chief fire officer at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said: “The decisive actions of the crew at this incident resulted in all occupants being rescued uninjured from the property and the fire being confined to the room.

“By their actions they showed professionalism to the highest standards.”