Firefighters rescue Grantham toddler from locked car

Wilson Willis-Burns
Wilson Willis-Burns
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A toddler had to be rescued after he was accidentally locked in his mum’s car.

A four-man crew from Grantham fire station were sent to Stathern Walk at around 2.30pm on Tuesday, after a call reporting that a baby had been locked in a car.

Firefighters arrived to find 14-month old Wilson Willis-Burns grinning from his carseat.

His mum, Chelsea Willis, said: “I gave Wilson my keys to play with as I strapped him into his carseat to go and collect his brother from nursery. I then put them on my front seat. It was only when I shut my car door that I realised that I had locked the keys inside.”

After a few failed attempts to prise the doors open, Chelsea contacted the fire service.

She said: “They came with their lights flashing and sirens blaring. Wilson loved it.”

It took the fire fighters 30 minutes to reunite the toddler with his mum.

Chelsea added; “I am very grateful. They even gave Wilson a fire service teddy bear.”