Five houses plan for Grantham ‘will create road danger’

Jayne Newman by her gate at Prospect Place near the gate to Peter McQuillan's garages. Photo: 0201A
Jayne Newman by her gate at Prospect Place near the gate to Peter McQuillan's garages. Photo: 0201A
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Residents say plans for five houses will be dangerous because the road leading to their homes is too narrow and cannot accommodate more traffic.

A plan for five homes on land at the back of Gladstone Terrace and Prospect Place in Grantham was approved in 2009 with access to two of the homes via Prospect Place. Now applicant Peter McQuillan is seeking permission for access to two more of the homes via Prospect Place.

The decision is now in the hands of the Planning Inspectorate after a decision on access was deferred by the planning committee at South Kesteven District Council.

Objector Jayne Newman, whose house in Prospect Place is situated next to the entrance to the plot of land, said: “Quite frankly I am livid. Everybody here in Prospect Place is in disbelief building could go ahead. The little road I believe was once just a cobbled track and it is simply too narrow, too steep and dangerous , and the visibility splay on to Manthorpe Road is approximately 40 yards.

“Also a member of my family has autism and a new baby has arrived next door but one and the thought of such vulnerable young ones stepping out blindly into the path of some 16 extra vehicles is not a happy one.

“My gate and front door are in the line of traffic and if these plans go ahead it’s not safe.”

Ms Newman has put together a petition of residents objecting to the development.which will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate.

Mr McQuillan said: “The good burghers of Prospect Place appear to have been misled into signing a petition which deals with a long-established planning consent rather than the current issue which is a minor variation allowing two further vehicles to exit the site via the existing access of Prospect Place.

“The petition has been orchestrated by Ms Newman who suggests that it is in someway prompted by her concern for the safety of the community. That suggestion is at odds with her offer to withdraw her objections entirely in return for a guaranteed parking spot within the development site.

“Apparently adding her car to the traffic flow does not endanger the safety of residents and is clearly motivated by pure self interest.”

Ms Newman denies making any offer to drop her objections in return for a parking space. Neighbour Tom Cox did, in principal, agree to this but says nothing has ever been put in writing.