Flooding cuts route between villages

Bridge at Sedgebrook leading to Allington.
Bridge at Sedgebrook leading to Allington.
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Flooding under a bridge between Allington and Sedgebrook has left motorists travelling 15 miles extra or risk flood damage to their cars.

The alternative route between the villages is closed for roadworks for the next 10 weeks so the usual trip of around a mile has turned into a mammoth journey

Business owner Terry Davis is said he is already aware of motorists who have written off their cars when travelling under the bridge when the water was at its peak.

He said: “It is totally flooded. It’s damaged people’s cars, totally wrecked the engines.”

The other way to get between the villages due to the roadworks is to go to Long Bennington or Foston.

He said: “I would say you have to travel an extra 32 miles for a round trip.”

Terry contacted the council to try and get the problem resolved and workers were examing the drainage when the Journal’s photographer arrived at the scene.

He said: “If you go to where the problem is it just needs unblocking.

“It will be affecting my business if it carries on like this because the amount of fuel it is taking.”

Terry says a number of the customers to his livery yard live locally and travel twice a day to see their horses but the flooding has meant many are left no option but to travel a long way to complete the usually short journey.

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