For safety’s sake, culture of driving has to change

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I was interested to read the letters last week about dangerous driving.

I do not condone it at all but we do live in the real world, not utopia, and we are all human, which means we are all fallible.

As with drink-driving it will take time and lots of hard work to change the culture of drivers but change it we must. Everybody thinks they are a good driver and many are, but nobody should be so complacent that they think they cannot learn.

Speed per se is not dangerous. It is the inappropriate use of speed that is the killer and this is where education and a change of culture is needed.

We live in a world where everything has to be done yesterday and targets rule, which in turn produces a sense of impatience, and with the lack of traffic management in Grantham it only produces a bad attitude to the serious task of driving safely.

If we all allow more time to get to where we want to be and think about the ‘other’ driver and not have the attitude that ‘I own the road’ then we may be on the right track (pun intended).

To enthusiasts who like to modify their cars, I say, we all love our cars, we all like people to see and admire them, modded or not, but driving them fast in town is just going to get you banned from being able to show them off.

I am not just an old fool who wants to spoil the fun. My motto is: try to drive better today than you did yesterday and drive tomorrow better than you did today.


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