Foul sight of dog poo bags piled high in Grantham bin

The bin in question.
The bin in question.
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A dog owner has expressed disgust at the sight of pooch poo piling up in and around a bin on a housing estate.

Sarah White posted this photo of a bin at Stephenson Avenue, Gonerby Hill Foot, on the Journal’s Facebook page to highlight the poo problem.

Ms White said: “As a dog owner I get incredibly annoyed with fellow owners who allow their dogs to foul and then just leave it.

“This, however, is how we regularly find our local bin. It’s not a dog waste bin, we don’t have one on the estate and this bin serves everyone. It is an environmental health issue and no council worker should have to empty this. However, I also feel with 24 per cent of UK households owning at least one dog, this really is not adequate provision for people.”

In response, a South Kesteven District Council spokesman said: “Dog waste can be placed in any of our public bins as long as it bagged, as per our ‘Clean and Green’ feature a few weeks ago.

“We don’t provide dog bins specifically anywhere across the district. This bin appears to be a standard litter bin that requires clearing, and it has now been logged with our Streetcare Services team.”