Fourteen acre plant on edge of Grantham could convert thousands of tonnes of manure into energy

The plan for an anaerobic digestion plant at Gonerby Moor, east of the A1, proposed by Moor Bio-Energy Ltd.
The plan for an anaerobic digestion plant at Gonerby Moor, east of the A1, proposed by Moor Bio-Energy Ltd.
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An energy plant could be built north of Grantham to convert manure into energy to power 2,200 homes.

Planning officers have recommended that the anaerobic digestion plant should be approved by councillors at a meeting of the county concil’s Planning and Regulation Committee on June 6.

The proposed 4MW plant, covering 14 acres of land, would include two digester tanks, a post digestate tank, a storage lagoon and gas storage tanks on land to the east of the A1 at Gonerby Moor.

About 55,000 tonnes of farm waste and crops would be converted into biogas and bio festiliser. Of these, about 33,000 tonnes would be farm waste, meaning manure and slurries. The rest would be maize or rye crops.

Some of the gas produced would be used to power the plant itself, but the excess would be channelled into the National Grid gas network, producing 35,000MWh of power.

The applicant, Moor Bio-Energy Ltd, says all farm waste would be imported from farms within a 10 mile radius of the site and any bio-fetiliser produced would go back to local farms.

The report to go before the planning committee says that the overall effects of odour from the site would not be significant.

Local parish councils have made some objections to the proposal. Great Gonerby Parish Council says it has reservations about the location of the plant and the lack of any surrounding features to make the site blend in. The council has asked for the colours of the development to be camouflaged.

Marston Parish Council says it has concerns over increased HGV traffic through Marston and an increase in vehicles entering and leaving the A1 at the Toll Bar Road junction. It also raised concerns that people living in Marston may experience unpleasant smells with the prevailing wind taking smells towards Wyndham Garden Hotel, Wagtail Fisheries Leisure Park and the Toll Bar Road area.