Frank proves that Grantham really is blooming great!

Great Garden, Francis Mason. 602C
Great Garden, Francis Mason. 602C
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A BLOOMING great garden can be found in Belton Avenue, in Grantham, full of colourful petunias.

The plants are lovingly tended to by Frank Mason, 69, who decided to keep his garden looking lovely after losing his wife, a passionate florist, four years ago.

Mr Mason said: “It’s become more of a hobby since I lost my wife. She worked as a florist in London Road for 30 years and she had a passion for flowers.”

Baskets stand in the front garden, filled largely with petunias, which are also found in the rear garden along with tomatoes and runner beans.

A lot of time and effort goes into keeping the gardens looking blooming great, said Mr Mason, who also offers a few words of gardening wisdom to his neighbours and friends.

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