Free course aimed at helping Grantham people ease their money worries

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Grantham Churches Together is to run courses aimed at “debt-proofing” Grantham people and offering money-saving advice.

CAP Money Course coach in Grantham Brian Hanbury said: “We are putting on this course because we know how financial worry can mess up relationships and cause havoc with health and wellbeing.”

“The CAP Money Course is there to debt-proof families against this kind of stress and with something like a third of us relying on credit to get us through Christmas, it might be the best resolution we can make going into 2013.”

The confidential sessions comprise three hours spread over three weeks and help people to create a household budget, prioritise spending, begin saving and re-organise banking.

It is designed to be helpful to anyone whether unemployed, receiving benefits, working, self-employed, retired, newly married or recently divorced.

“More than 20,000 people have enjoyed these debt prevention sessions across the UK in the past few years and it’s helped bring them real peace of mind – which we think is a good way to start the New Year.”

To book onto the course, call Brian on 07816 872561 and to find out more visit