Friends are lucky to be alive following terrifying car crash

Crash Brandon
Crash Brandon
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A PASSENGER in a Vauxhall Zafira was almost impaled on a metal pole after a crash on a rural road north of Grantham.

The car was driving past the village of Brandon when it hit a fuel slick, causing driver Heather Wright to lose control of the car.

Involved in bad car crash, L\R; Heather Wright, Jill Shillaker. 893B

Involved in bad car crash, L\R; Heather Wright, Jill Shillaker. 893B

It careered through hedges for 250 yards before hitting a tree and finally coming to a halt - with a six-foot metal pole jammed though the front headlight.

The pole went clean through the front of the car and into the glove compartment, stopping inches from passenger Jill Shillaker, of Brandon Road, Brandon.

Jill, 49, said: “I try not to think about what might have happened, but every time I look at the picture I think ‘we were so close’.

“I remember Heather shouting ‘I can’t control it, I can’t control it!’ Afterwards, I had pins and needles in my hands and fingers. I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

Heather, 32, of Hougham, said she sensed something was wrong moments before losing control of the car.

She said: “I said to Jill that I could smell something like diesel and as soon as I said that we were sliding everywhere.

“We were in hedges and trees for 250 yards or so. It was so scary.

“We only stopped when we hit a tree. If that tree hadn’t have been there we would have gone straight into a wall which would have pushed the pole further into the car.”

Heather said the accident was like a scene from the film Final Destination, where people ‘cheat death’ after having a premonition of how they will die.

The pair are unsure of where the pole came from but suspect it must have been ditched in the undergrowth at the side of the road.

It is believed the fuel slick covered many miles between nearby Stubton and Brant Broughton.

Heather said: “When we were waiting for the police there were other cars skidding along the road towards us. Cars were skidding everywhere.”

Amazingly, the pair suffered only whiplash and muscle pains following the accident.

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