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THE full results for today’s South Kesteven Distict Council elections are in.

The following councillors have been elected:

All Saint’s Ward: Breda-Rae Griffin (Con) 480 votes, Susan Jennifer Sandall (Ind) 452.

Aveland: Debbie Wren (Con) 624.

Barrowby: Pamela Bosworth (Con) 424.

Belmont: George Chivers (Con) 727, Nick Craft (Con) 705.

Bourne East: David Higgs (Con) 1179, Robert Russell (Con) 1148, Judy Smith (Con) 1416.

Bourne West: Linda Neal (Con) 1018, Helen Powell (Lincs Ind) 830, John Smith 858.

Earlesfield: Alan Davidson (Lab) 351, Jock Kerr (Ind) 232, Rob Shorrock (Lab) 217.

Ermine: Trevor Scott (Con) 601.

Grantham St John’s: Adam Stokes (Con) 530, Jean Taylor (Con) 512.

Green Hill Ward: Alan Parkin (Con) 668, Frank Turner (Con) 658.

Greyfriars: Ian Stokes (Con) 456, Mike Taylor (Con) 549.

Harrowby: Mark Ashberry (Lab and Co-op) 584, Ian Selby (Lab and Co-op) 730, Bruce Wells (Lab and Co-op) 644.

Heath: Bob Sampson (Ind) 384.

Hillsides: Elizabeth Channell (Ind) 568.

Market and West Deeping: Bob Broughton (Ind) 847, Paul Cosham (Con) 959, Reg Howard (Ind) 844.

Ringstone: Frances Cartwright (Con) 590.

Saxonwell: Paul Wood (Ind) 721.

St Anne’s: Mike Cook (Con) 431, Charmaine Morgan (Lab and Co-op) 396.

St George’s: Percival Sandall (Ind) 426, Brenda Sumner (Con) 409.

St Mary’s: Elizabeth Bevan (Con) 676, Harrish Bisnauthsing (Lib Dems) 606.

St Wulfram’s: Jacky Smith (Con) 772, Ray Wootten (Con) 837.

Stamford St John’s: Terl Bryant (Con) 1103, David Nalson (Con) 1232, Graddon Rowlands (Con) 1014.

Toller: Mike King (Con) 629.

Truesdale: Kelham Cooke (Con) 914, Rosemary Woolley (Con) 1066.

Witham Valley: Rosemary Kayberry-Brown (Con) 588.

- For full coverage of the local elections, see Friday’s Journal (May 13).