Fund-raising enables roof of Boothby Pagnell church to finally be repaired

St Andrew's Church, Boothby Pagnell.
St Andrew's Church, Boothby Pagnell.
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After years managing with only temporary repairs and tarpaulin, Boothby Pagnell’s church has now been able to prepare plans to get its roof fixed.

Around three years ago lead was stolen from the roof of St Andrew’s Church, which dates back to the 13th Century.

Now, thanks to fund-raising efforts by the church and the community, they have been able to submit a planning application to re-roof the southern aisle of the church.

Rector of St Andrew’s, the Rev Mike Doyle, said: “I would like to thank everybody who has put work into this project, and everybody in the villages whose fund-raising has enabled us to get to this point where we can start the works.”

The plan is for the roof to be replaced with a terne coated stainless steel.