Funny Grantham story involving a cow, a midwife and a case of mistaken identity

An example of the cow that wouldn't moo-ve.
An example of the cow that wouldn't moo-ve.
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This little anecdote sent into the Grantham Journal gave us all a little giggle on a Monday. See what you think!

“You may or may not be interested in this funny story regarding a local midwife,” begins Carl Vickers...

“My wife was on call Tuesday night and she was called in by Lincoln at 0300hrs. As she left Grantham on the A607, there is a dip in the road, and blocking the road was a large highland cow with sizable horns.

“Now recognising the danger, she stopped, put her hazards on at the brow of the hill, and Googled the Grantham Police for a telephone number. She explained to the officer that she was a midwife that had been called out, and that she had come across a cow in a very dangerous position.

“The officer said it would be considered a major incident and asked what was the location. ‘A607’, she tells him. ‘I’m not familiar with the 607,’ he says.

“‘Are you from Grantham?’ she says.

“Yes madam I live in Grantham.’

“‘Right then it’s Manthorpe Road, just past the Hospital in the dip in the road.’

“‘No madam I do not know where you mean.’

“‘I need to get to Lincoln quickly - can you put someone on the phone that knows Grantham,’ she says.

“He replies: “‘I have lived here all my life Marm and I do not know where you are.’

“‘You have a strong accent, and you don’t sound like you’re from here because you should know the A607 just past Manthorpe, Grantham, Lincolnshire.’


Carl adds: “I know this is not news worthy but it’s a funny story about a local midwife at 3am in the morning that may cheer up your readers?”