Gem of a day for Great Gonerby couple

Diamond Wedding Anniversary of Dorris and David Spearman. 593C
Diamond Wedding Anniversary of Dorris and David Spearman. 593C
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Having their own space in the house and each knowing their role is the key to one couple’s 60 years of happy marriage.

David and Doris Spearman, of Green Street, Great Gonerby, celebrated their Diamond Wedding on August 8.

Doris, 84, is a life-long Great Gonerby resident and first met her future husband David at Grantham Fair on May 12th 1950.

She may remember the date keenly, but as Doris is quick to point out that he did the chasing.

David, 83, is originally from London but the ardent Arsenal supporter moved up to Great Gonerby when the pair married in 1952.

Doris thinks the key to their marriage is simple, she joked: “It’s him living in one room and me in the other.”

David likes to spend time in the garden and Doris enjoys doing crossword puzzles. She also used to be a big knitter; a hobby that she even managed to get David into on at one point.

But despite having their own interests, they rely on the other.

Doris added: “I’m the cook and he’s the coffee boy.”

The happy couple celebrated their anniversary with a meal and a large family gathering of over more than 80 people. The couple have two daughters, two grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.