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General Election 2019: Grantham and Stamford - candidates' thoughts about the election

With a few hours to wait until the votes are counted and verified, Grantham and Stamford candidates shared their feelings about the election.

Labour's Kathryn Salt said she has had a 'very positive campaign' and that residents in the constituency had welcomed her for the fact that she went out and spoke with them directly.

"I've gone to all the hustings events and engaged with people. As a result, the reaction from people has been very positive."

Kathryn Salt (Lab) (24131779)
Kathryn Salt (Lab) (24131779)

While saddened by the exit polls, Kathryn said: "Whatever happens I am here to stay and I will make sure this is a winnable seat for us. The Tories will be watching their backs for the next five years."

Anne Gayfer, candidate for the Green Party, said she felt 'fed up' about the exit poll and 'devastated' that Boris Johnson looked to be gaining a majority.

"I campaigned on a climate ticket and I'm quite disappointed that Brexit has taken priority in this election.

Anne Gayfer (Green)(24131771)
Anne Gayfer (Green)(24131771)

"The climate is more important then Brexit; I feel desperate that people are not twigging that."

She added that she would, if not elected, be holding South Kesteven to account and trying to get as much done as possible to stop planning decisions being taken that would have a detrimental impact through carbon emissions.

It's the third time that Liberal Party candidate Harrish Bisnauthsing has stood for election in Stamford and Grantham, and with exit polls in he admitted he was disappointed that "It looks like people voted to Brexit".

Harrish Bisnauthsing (Lib) (24131777)
Harrish Bisnauthsing (Lib) (24131777)

"I hope that Boris Johnson will think about people in rural areas, and those in our area who rely on food banks, and who face child poverty."

Harrish said, if defeated, he will still carry on as a district councillor for South Kesteven and "fight for the people of Stamford, Grantham and Bourne".

"Anyone who phones me, I will take up their cause and work for them in trying to resolve it. That's what we're here for as councillors."

Gareth Davies (Con) (24131765)
Gareth Davies (Con) (24131765)

Conservative candidate Gareth Davies said he would not be commenting on the election until the constituency result was known.

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